There’s Intelligent Life on this Planet ! Now, on a screen near you.

The Discovery of a New Planet in Our Old World.

How a voyager, venturing on the web, managed to make sense of the noise and clutter that abounds, after surfing for only a few years.

It has been an interminable journey. Full of threats, false alarms and traps of all kinds. 
The stuff that we’re all sick and tired of hearing about.

But at last, after so much time and energy dedicated to a multitude of researches and long hours of sieving through the growing mountain of data, one day, something extraordinary began to happen.

And so, he began the discovery of a new world.  A land inhabited by a different sort of homo sapiens. Brave creatures of uncommon courage and drive.  

A mixed bunch of lunatics and incurable workaholics. With only one thing in common: They could never accept the status quo.
And have all been fighting hard to change the game. And they have succeeded at it.

A couple of months ago, flying back to the web, the tireless traveler found himself landing at the gateway to heaven. Or so he imagined, at first.

Actually, he was just entering the Portal to Ideas and Innovations that truly matter.
Also known as TED

This unique non-profit Portal is devoted to spreading ideas, in the form of short and powerful talks.
And many of these encounters offer an amazing wealth of enlightening information, innovations and initiatives. By some truly gifted minds.

Like the precious contributions by Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the Revolution

In a 20-minute long video – or,  perhaps I should say 20-minute short, for I could have watched it for a few hours more – Sir Robinson shows how the current education system limits creativity.

He proposes a shift from standardized schools to personalized learning.

To allow for conditions where kids’ natural talents can flourish.
In other words, the system should stop holding the student back, and try to do teaching, without hindering curiosity.
They should learn that no two students are alike.

As a creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson unveils the fundamental reasons to challenge the way that children are currently being educated.
Another important point that should be recognized by those involved in teaching, is that there are multiple types of intelligence.

This bright scholar is just an example of the many revolutionary minds that populate TED.

And who helps us get in touch with a wealth of content. That ultimately stimulates intelligence.
Making learning more accessible. And life much more interesting.

The Value of Relevant Information. And the importance of having an alternative.

For more than 30 years, have been driving a car almost every day.
A heavy routine imposed by the circumstances of my profession and a busy schedule.

All this time, have always been perplexed by our dependency on conventional cars with internal combustion engines.  
After all, they have been introduced more than 100 years ago.

It should be about time we had an alternative to these obsolete machines, packed with thousands of moving parts, that are a nightmare to maintain. And cost a fortune.

Now, thanks to  Elon Musk, a visionary from another dimension, we have an alternative. At last !
The unbelievable electric car by Tesla.

Intelligence is now shipping as standard equipment in the auto industry.

Tesla is quite an impressive technology achievement. Even by today’s standards.

This car is amazing.

Some say Tesla offers the luxury found in a Rolls-Royce and the speed comparable to a Porsche 911. With a price that is much more affordable.

It’s really incredible how this car performs.
In addition to having fewer parts, the Tesla does not require those frequent visits to the car dealer, that we have all been forced to, for so long.

Most issues are handled by simple software updates.
No more hassles. No need to interrupt your life for the maintenance of the car.

This car is sending a silent message to the world:

Stop being taken for a ride. Take your future in your hands. Now.

You might say that for someone who is not especially hooked on cars, I’ve gone far into the subject here.

Yes, I’m impressed.
By the car that seems to have been conceived in another Galaxy.

But the point is not just the car.
It’s the Revolution that Tesla represents.

Intelligence helping us form conscious choices, and keep our voices heard

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors is much more than a gifted Entrepreneur. He is a true Revolutionary.
A family man, who before completing 40 years, had already given an unprecedented number of contributions to make life easier for us all.

The Mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity.

Elon musk decided to introduce a groundbreaking concept in the auto industry, a field where the opponents have unlimited capital and too many vested interests to protect.
It sure takes a lot of courage for someone to embrace such a hard mission.

The might of these groups notwithstanding, we have the ultimate power.

The power of relevant information to raise a long-needed Consciousness

We can refuse the suppliers that are out there just to make a ton of money. With no regard for anything else.
As a matter of fact, even these suppliers are beginning to realize that we’ll no longer accept the terms that they try to force down our throats.

The Global economic unpredictability aggravated by the current crisis has forced buyers and enterprises to realize, once and for all, the need to see results and maximize their ROI in every purchase. 
All this contributes to making buyers acutely aware of the risks of making bad decisions. 

We have the Power To Say No !

We must never underestimate the Value of Our Combined Participation.

Jose Amaral