Most business owners, at one time or another, have struggled with marketing training or implementation. Or both.
We know how hard it is to stand out online.
Everyone builds a website, fills it with content, and do some advertising. Hoping to attract buyers.

Many have learned the hard way that increasing the advertising budget and hoping for the best is not enough.
Without a clear strategy, all this may lead to just wasted time and resources.

Clients hate being sold to.

This article by David Skok shows why.

When Selling is the Worst Way to Win Customers.

Furthermore, the Global economic unpredictability aggravated by the current crisis has forced buyers and enterprises to realize, once and for all, they need to see results and maximize their ROI in every purchase.

All this contributes to making everyone acutely aware of the risks of making bad decisions. Indeed, conscious buyers are more cautious than ever.

As they embrace the task of collecting and organizing information, they become more empowered by accessing a TROVE of relevant information AKA usable business intelligence that they can act on.

Value of Online Training.

For too long, marketing has been increasingly perceived as a poorly-disguised game of self-serving manipulation and influence. Well… marketing must have seen better days… perhaps before it was called marketing, in the first place.

Anyway, to succeed online you need to rank high and get traffic. Lots of traffic. Big companies have no problem with this. They have big budgets, and they can hire more people, bringing in top-notch consultants. They also invest heavily in content, web design, and they usually hire a dedicated SEO.

For the common mortal with limited resources who’s not an expert, SEO is often perceived as rocket science. Optimizing websites for search engines, can be a highly tricky and complicated task.

It takes a lot of knowledge, constant dedication to stay updated with one of the fastest moving industry landscapes, and it also demands unrelenting attention to testing and analytics.

SEO done right takes more than time. To start, you have to:

  • Create relevant content.
  • Optimize web pages.
  • Promote assets and secure links.
  • Run A/B tests.

Inevitably, most small business owners have to juggle multiple tasks. They usually have fewer resources, less time, and it’s very hard to keep up with all the changes in SEO. Because they cannot focus on SEO as desired, they end up doing it occasionally. Or, skip it entirely.

There are more than 10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy now.

The AI-powered SEO Company


The value of private SEO training for business cannot be overstated.

Imagine if you could rank higher and get more traffic without having to learn to code or getting involved in complex SEO.
If you had a way of knowing exactly what steps to take in order to achieve better Google rankings and get more organic traffic.

Now, you can. Thanks to Squirrly, The Insanely Great Marketing Software, you can have your own Private SEO Consultant, in a plugin.

Take the guesswork out of SEO. Without learning to code. Or, hiring SEO “specialists”.


Private SEO Consultant.

Private SEO Consultant.


Rank Faster By Following Our Methods.

According to the modest description that Squirrly presents, the Company products offer you all you need to get customers through your doors.

In reality, The AI-powered SEO Company accomplishes much more. To identify the first-ever non-Human SEO Consultant as a Private SEO consultant in a plugin is the understatement of the Century.

The Teams at Squirrly are committed to helping you learn every single best practice in Digital Marketing and Content Marketing. Indeed, The Private SEO Training by Squirrly offers the most robust and intuitive Training Program. Actually, it’s more than intuitive, it’s highly engaging and stimulating.
What sets Squirrly apart is enough to write an encyclopedia. 


See How to do Search Engine Optimization On WordPress.


Why Digital Marketing Is Better Than Print.

SEO by Squirrly.



If you’re a specialist who lives and breathes SEO and decide to learn, and apply, Squirrly’s 200 some Features, you’ll be acquiring the equivalent knowledge of attending 3 MBAs or more.

A disruptive approach to SEO opening the way to a Marketing Revolution.

Now, Squirrly levels the playing field. Any business, anywhere in the world is equally positioned to grow.
Whether you’re an SMB or a big Corporation, looking for Private SEO training for business.

Even before you become a Client of Squirrly, you can access the huge collection of free Content offered by the Company to create a solid Online Marketing Strategy.

Just download Squirrly, and start using it, now. It’s that simple.

The Software on steroids developed by Squirrly is a robust Marketing Automation Tool that excels the wildest dreams of the most demanding SEO Experts in the world.

When you activate Squirrly, it starts to work to make your website perform better. You do your part by completing daily SEO goals suggested by Squirrly. As an example, you may receive this suggestion:

“Try to boost traffic by over +285% by optimizing with SEO Live Assistant.”

See the 70 Technical SEO aspects handled by Squirrly Genius here.

According to the Company, Squirrly Genius is a brand new Digital Marketing Assistant.  (It’s a piece of tech, not a human being) created by the Squirrly Company and It is one of your Companions inside Squirrly SEO.

Time-Starved Marketing Departments Keep Ranking With Top Marketing Software.

Best WordPress SEO Plugin 2020 – Private SEO Consultant.


Take the guesswork out of SEO.

Squirrly SEO Plugin.


By just using a fraction of the superlative Resources and Training offered by Squirrly, you put your business or practice on the path to unprecedented levels of expansion and prosperity. Without spending a dime.

Whether you’re an SMB or a Fortune 500, you’re free to do what you can do best: wow your Clients with your best Solution.

A groundbreaking Concept sparking a fundamental, long-needed awakening

When I first learned about Squirrly, I was immediately teleported to the day when I heard of Tesla Electric Cars for the first time, in 2015.

After using an internal combustion engine vehicle for more than 30 years, it was quite refreshing to read that someone had taken the courage to defy the all-powerful auto industry.

At that time, I wrote There’s Intelligent Life On This Planet! Now, On A Screen Near You.
(updated in December, 2020).

In publishing this Article, I had more than one reason for celebration. Among them:

  • The introduction of Tesla, the best substitute for the Jurassic beasts that have been infesting our devastated Planet for too long.
  • Thanks to Elon Musk, Intelligence Is Now Shipping As Standard Equipment in the Auto Industry.

Hopefully, this will provide an added incentive to the Entrepreneurs who are working hard to build something more significant than just a pile of cash.

Curiosity is the most valuable human asset.

I still keep more than my share, and it shows no sign of fading. Thanks to my incurable curiosity, have learned a great deal from some of the most amazing people, who share the most surprisingly empowering lessons for free! Their Contributions can make an immediate difference in your business and your life.

Why am I sharing this?

As a Communication Strategist, with a long and rewarding career in the USA, Brazil, and Germany, I’m driven by an insatiable thirst for Knowledge and Information. Out of passion and necessity, in equal measure.

I believe in exchanging information worth sharing.
I’m sharing information with you about Squirrly in appreciation of the big Difference they have made for my Company,
The Synergy MediaIn less than a week, Squirrly has completely transformed our website for the better.

The trove of information contributed by the extraordinary Experts on the good side of the Internet amounts to a Treasure of incalculable value. It has the power of a New Force of Nature.


user experience in digital marketing.

Sharing information about innovative technology and amazing people is the main purpose of The Synergy Media.

The Entrepreneurs, Florin Muresan, the CEO of Squirrly is one of these people. In April 2020, he declared: “I once had a dream of giving every business owner and freelancer their own private always-on, always-there SEO Consultant.

I have accomplished that dream. It’s created and it’s ready for you. Private SEO Consultant. In a Plugin. Powered by Machine Learning and Cloud Services.”

Florin Muresan and his incredible Team have given the world a once-in-a-lifetime Technology that will be remembered by Generations.

While testimonials show the dimension of the beneficial impact of Squirrly Software, other inherent values might be a bit less obvious: Transcending the scope of measurable results and the limits of Marketing Strategy, Florin Muresan and his Teams naturally contribute to simplifying the process of teaching and learning Marketing and SEO, while elevating the Marketing profession to its well-deserved position in the world.

Information Is The Most Valuable Asset Of Our Time.

  • For a critical surgery, or hiring an SEO expert consultant.
  • In either case, a careful choice is absolutely vital.
  • If you wish to preserve your sanity and keep your health.
  • And avoid breaking the bank.
  • Not necessarily in that order.

          When the validated exchange is critical, Synergy is essential.