Jose Amaral











A Multilingual Communication Strategist.

Creator of Linguagile Intensive Language Practice, the Approach to master foreign Languages.


Have dedicated my life to the study and research of languages, in the USA, Brazil, France, and Germany.
Out of necessity and passion. In equal measure.

Thanks to an incurable curiosity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I developed my own Approach to reach full fluency in foreign tongues through Deliberate Practice.

Linguagile is the natural result of following my intuition and adopting my own way of learning and practicing new languages.

Throughout my long and gratifying career, have often been asked for help by Clients and friends who needed a more effective way to become fluent in English.

In spite of the endless learning alternatives available, reaching full fluency in a foreign language is still a daunting task for most people.

The question is not what kind of training to adopt.
The question is HOW to study.
HOW to adopt a regular practice to effectively and naturally incorporate what’s learned.
HOW you become fluent in English. Or, your favorite language.

So, I decided to share the initial steps of Linguagile for free.
It helps people in different countries
make the most of all the resources available for Language Learning. Without wasting time with promises.

That’s HOW you become fluent in English. Or, in any other language.


Learn more about Linguagile.


“Foreign Fluency Natural, Like Mother Tongue.”