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The Ways To Achieve Marketing Success That Will Turn You Into a Superstar.

The Ways To Achieve Marketing Success That Will Turn You Into a Superstar.

ways to achieve marketing success

To an outsider, it’s a cut-throat competition dominated by mega corporations with unlimited budgets and voracious appetites, who are convinced the right advertising campaign can sell things that Buyers don’t even need.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important Globally
Traditionally, the sales force has been trained to use high-pressure sales tactics. And they go to extremes to make the next sale no matter what.

Most of the players involved in the game are obsessed to win. Too obsessed, actually.
This makes them forget an important piece of the puzzle: the Buyer.

So, for generations, success in marketing has been synonymous with successful advertising for most corporations.
Today, the ever-growing stakes still force profits and numbers on the balance sheet to outweigh what’s referred to as “consumers.”

Some Distorted Visions Have The Power To Predominate For Centuries. Or Much Longer.

The Truth About Content Marketing.

Time Is Over For Interruption Marketing.

The Truth About Content Marketing


We all know that most Buyers hate to be sold to.
People prefer to search for what they need. When they need it.

  • The unlimited access to information has given Buyers more independence.
  • They have more control over their purchases than ever before.
  • And are more confident to evaluate and decide on their own for each purchase.

How The Mismatch Between Manipulative Advertising And Conscious Buyers Is Changing The Game.

You May Be Asking:

Why Do I Need a Marketing Strategy ?

We all know how hard it is for a business to stand out online.

Everyone builds a website, fills it with content, and does some advertising.
And hope to attract Buyers. And nothing happens.

Inevitably, most small business owners have to perform multiple tasks.

  • They usually have fewer resources.
  • Not a lot of time to make a decision.
  • And it’s very hard to keep up with all the ever-changing landscape.

Online Marketing Strategy.
Is this optional?

Sometimes, even big businesses still spend too much time and money on marketing without a clear strategy.
Only to learn the hard way that increasing the advertising budget and hoping for the best is not enough.

Indeed, It’s a lot of pressure.
The content marketing world can be hard.

If you get stuck with slow sales, with antiquated marketing, or if you continue to do more of what doesn’t work.

How do you get unstuck? How you move forward?

A Long-Awaited Business Consciousness Triggering An Essential Marketing Awareness.


Steps To Achieve Marketing Success

Digital Content Marketing Principles

Imagine if you could learn to make the most out of your online presence.
If you had the road map to reach your goals with confidence?

You can do all that. And more.

Learn to help clients with reliable information, actionable insight, and guidance.
You can be part of a New Breed of highly successful Entrepreneurs.

Welcome to Squirrly’s Education Cloud.

Learn Digital Marketing Without Complication
With the Platform that teaches all things Digital Marketing for free.

Just create an account and start learning.

Independent of technical skills or level of experience in using eLearning platforms, all students can immediately start practicing with the highly stimulating lessons.


Learn Digital Marketing Without Complication

This Is Your Exclusive Invitation to Join.

Here, you are in good hands.

  • We have more than 6 years teaching a wide mix of students how to get better at Digital Marketing.
  • More than 139,000 people have learned from our courses (including business owners, affiliates, entrepreneurs, and more).
  • Hundreds of hours dedicated to collecting feedback to improve our students’ learning experience.
  • Learning Solutions have been created based on how we know people learn best.

Education Cloud provides the most extensive and effective Training.

Steps To Achieve Marketing Success

Combining a robust set of Resources: Content Library, guides, videos, podcasts, and more.
So you’ll never be lost on your journey to success.

Students from top companies learned from Education Cloud classes:

Microsoft, BBC, Creative Market, CyberGhost, SeedCamp, Elegant Themes, and Top Gear, among others.

Marketing Strategy To Take You Through Good And Trying Times.

Education Cloud offers you all you’ll ever need to maximize your business or practice.
But this will only be possible if you start to implement the actionable measures contained in the lessons.

Just reading, won’t take you very far.

Value of Online Training

Value of Online Trainin

The process of teaching and learning can flow naturally, if we forget “buy and sell” for a moment, and look at people, face to face, eye to eye. Because, first of all, we are people too.

Surpassing the scope of measurable results and the limits of marketing and business education in general, Squirrly naturally contributes to simplifying the process of teaching and learning marketing strategy – and by extension – any other human ability that involves intelligent and conscious participation and deliberate practice.

And helps to bring to bear the best in all of us.

Why User Experience Is Critical In Digital Marketing

A few testimonials:

Top SEO experts recommend Squirrly for WordPress.

How to do SEO for a tiny five page WordPress website.

An excerpt from Neil Patel’s testimonial:
”In my own words, “Squirrly is more than an SEO tool––it’s a complete content marketing suite.”
To this day, it remains one of the most comprehensive SEO plugins, free or paid.”

Buyers have become more informed and more empowered, a new way of doing marketing has arrived.
Even large corporations fall into the trap of depending only on massive advertising and websites filled with product-centric content.

I’m not judging anyone.
Just want to make a point about the importance of keeping up with the evolution of Communication and Marketing.

  • Facts and information alone can seldom motivate people today.
  • Without motivation, Buyers won’t even think of making a purchase.
  • Especially with the explosion of social media, and the communication between Brands and Buyers.

Why Everyone Needs a Digital Marketing Plan

People are more interested in Brands that value the Buyers and clients and establish a relationship with them. 

Sam Pardhan, Founder & Writer at Brand Marketing Psychology says it aptly in this article:

How to Evoke Consumer Motivation Through Strategic Delivery of the Brand Story and Promise.

An excerpt:
“Throughout my marketing consulting experience, there have been too many incidences where I have seen companies with well-established, iconic brands, forget that today’s consumers are generally well-informed and won’t give in to buying a common product with a recognizable name attached to it. Most business owners still think that they’re just selling a product or service.  When business owners attempt to sell just products or services, they focus on portraying facts and informing.”

Great Marketing And Profitable Marketing Are Not Incompatible.

Leveraging Digital Marketing

See the example of Life is Good in this article.

Life is Good’s $100 million ad-free global success story.”


Life is Good’s $100 million ad-free global success story.

An excerpt:
“For a company with more than $100 million in sales and merchandise in over 4,500 stores in 30 countries, you may be surprised to hear what Life is Good co-founders Bert and John Jacobs aren’t doing: Advertising.”

Smart companies don’t advertise how great their products and services are. They offer solutions to solve the problems of their Clients.
The most relevant Brands today are champions at using the Brand’s purpose to successfully move from a position of simple suppliers of products and services to take a more amplified position in the community. And in the world.

Consider this:
Relevant information is more than precious, it’s vital.

This article by Technology and Society shows very well why.

Information Paradox: Drowning in Information, Starving for Knowledge.

An excerpt:
“We are living in an age of information.
Staggering amounts of information are collected, stored, and widely disseminated.
Yet, we may be less informed and less knowledgeable than ever.”

A New Breed of Entrepreneurs Helping Clients With Reliable Information, Actionable Insight, And Guidance.

Facing high-stakes business decisions and challenges, Clients look for help.  

  • They need effective Solutions. If you’re an expert in your field, it’s your opportunity.
  • To make a Difference. Not to make another sale. Show your Client that you’re the best expert.
  • The only one that will efficiently and effectively solve their problems.

By providing clients with relevant information and insight, you help them save a considerable amount of time and resources.

Always offering usable business intelligence that Customers can act on is the best way to build trust and to keep the Sales process flowing more naturally.
They will love being treated like Human beings, again.

You’ll thank yourself forever for joining Education Cloud to learn the basic Steps To Achieve Marketing Success.

See this contribution by Sean D’Souza:

Free! The Brain Alchemy Masterclass: By Invitation Only (Worth $2500).

An excerpt:
“It sounds unusual: Why would someone just give valuable information away?

You and I know that ‘normal’ people don’t do this kind of stuff.
No one just gives away thousands of dollars worth of stuff without some sneaky up-sell or cross-sell.
To give away valuable information just like that sounds weird at the very least.”

Beyond taking the guesswork out of Content Marketing, the lessons by Squirrly’s Education Cloud can prepare any student to take the path to predictable, exponential, and continuous growth.

In a world of so much over-promising, it’s quite surprising, and a true privilege, to learn and apply the superlative Resources and Tools developed by Squirrly.

The surprisingly powerful and transformational combination of Solutions developed by Florin Muresan and his Teams is taking eternally grateful clients to new levels of growth and prosperity. They also contribute to significantly revitalizing and elevate the Marketing profession.

Join Education Cloud now, for free.

No-Hassle Digital Marketing Guide.

Soon, your business will start to outperform big competitors that are driven by greed alone and are too busy to focus on people.
Hopefully, this is the minimum you accomplish, from now on.

I’d like to thank for letting me use these images.
This article contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

A Recipe To Rank High: Erase SEO Specialists. Begin Private SEO Training.

Most business owners, at one time or another, have struggled with marketing training or implementation. Or both.
We know how hard it is to stand out online.
Everyone builds a website, fills it with content, and do some advertising. Hoping to attract buyers.

Many have learned the hard way that increasing the advertising budget and hoping for the best is not enough.
Without a clear strategy, all this may lead to just wasted time and resources.

Clients hate being sold to.

This article by David Skok shows why.

When Selling is the Worst Way to Win Customers.

Furthermore, the Global economic unpredictability aggravated by the current crisis has forced buyers and enterprises to realize, once and for all, they need to see results and maximize their ROI in every purchase.

All this contributes to making everyone acutely aware of the risks of making bad decisions. Indeed, conscious buyers are more cautious than ever.

As they embrace the task of collecting and organizing information, they become more empowered by accessing a TROVE of relevant information AKA usable business intelligence that they can act on.

Value of Online Training.

For too long, marketing has been increasingly perceived as a poorly-disguised game of self-serving manipulation and influence. Well… marketing must have seen better days… perhaps before it was called marketing, in the first place.

Anyway, to succeed online you need to rank high and get traffic. Lots of traffic. Big companies have no problem with this. They have big budgets, and they can hire more people, bringing in top-notch consultants. They also invest heavily in content, web design, and they usually hire a dedicated SEO.

For the common mortal with limited resources who’s not an expert, SEO is often perceived as rocket science. Optimizing websites for search engines, can be a highly tricky and complicated task.

It takes a lot of knowledge, constant dedication to stay updated with one of the fastest moving industry landscapes, and it also demands unrelenting attention to testing and analytics.

SEO done right takes more than time. To start, you have to:

  • Create relevant content.
  • Optimize web pages.
  • Promote assets and secure links.
  • Run A/B tests.

Inevitably, most small business owners have to juggle multiple tasks. They usually have fewer resources, less time, and it’s very hard to keep up with all the changes in SEO. Because they cannot focus on SEO as desired, they end up doing it occasionally. Or, skip it entirely.

There are more than 10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy now.

The AI-powered SEO Company


The value of private SEO training for business cannot be overstated.

Imagine if you could rank higher and get more traffic without having to learn to code or getting involved in complex SEO.
If you had a way of knowing exactly what steps to take in order to achieve better Google rankings and get more organic traffic.

Now, you can. Thanks to Squirrly, The Insanely Great Marketing Software, you can have your own Private SEO Consultant, in a plugin.

Take the guesswork out of SEO. Without learning to code. Or, hiring SEO “specialists”.


Private SEO Consultant.

Private SEO Consultant.


Rank Faster By Following Our Methods.

According to the modest description that Squirrly presents, the Company products offer you all you need to get customers through your doors.

In reality, The AI-powered SEO Company accomplishes much more. To identify the first-ever non-Human SEO Consultant as a Private SEO consultant in a plugin is the understatement of the Century.

The Teams at Squirrly are committed to helping you learn every single best practice in Digital Marketing and Content Marketing. Indeed, The Private SEO Training by Squirrly offers the most robust and intuitive Training Program. Actually, it’s more than intuitive, it’s highly engaging and stimulating.
What sets Squirrly apart is enough to write an encyclopedia. 


See How to do Search Engine Optimization On WordPress.


Why Digital Marketing Is Better Than Print.

SEO by Squirrly.



If you’re a specialist who lives and breathes SEO and decide to learn, and apply, Squirrly’s 200 some Features, you’ll be acquiring the equivalent knowledge of attending 3 MBAs or more.

A disruptive approach to SEO opening the way to a Marketing Revolution.

Now, Squirrly levels the playing field. Any business, anywhere in the world is equally positioned to grow.
Whether you’re an SMB or a big Corporation, looking for Private SEO training for business.

Even before you become a Client of Squirrly, you can access the huge collection of free Content offered by the Company to create a solid Online Marketing Strategy.

Just download Squirrly, and start using it, now. It’s that simple.

The Software on steroids developed by Squirrly is a robust Marketing Automation Tool that excels the wildest dreams of the most demanding SEO Experts in the world.

When you activate Squirrly, it starts to work to make your website perform better. You do your part by completing daily SEO goals suggested by Squirrly. As an example, you may receive this suggestion:

“Try to boost traffic by over +285% by optimizing with SEO Live Assistant.”

See the 70 Technical SEO aspects handled by Squirrly Genius here.

According to the Company, Squirrly Genius is a brand new Digital Marketing Assistant.  (It’s a piece of tech, not a human being) created by the Squirrly Company and It is one of your Companions inside Squirrly SEO.

Time-Starved Marketing Departments Keep Ranking With Top Marketing Software.

Best WordPress SEO Plugin 2020 – Private SEO Consultant.


Take the guesswork out of SEO.

Squirrly SEO Plugin.


By just using a fraction of the superlative Resources and Training offered by Squirrly, you put your business or practice on the path to unprecedented levels of expansion and prosperity. Without spending a dime.

Whether you’re an SMB or a Fortune 500, you’re free to do what you can do best: wow your Clients with your best Solution.

A groundbreaking Concept sparking a fundamental, long-needed awakening

When I first learned about Squirrly, I was immediately teleported to the day when I heard of Tesla Electric Cars for the first time, in 2015.

After using an internal combustion engine vehicle for more than 30 years, it was quite refreshing to read that someone had taken the courage to defy the all-powerful auto industry.

At that time, I wrote There’s Intelligent Life On This Planet! Now, On A Screen Near You.
(updated in December, 2020).

In publishing this Article, I had more than one reason for celebration. Among them:

  • The introduction of Tesla, the best substitute for the Jurassic beasts that have been infesting our devastated Planet for too long.
  • Thanks to Elon Musk, Intelligence Is Now Shipping As Standard Equipment in the Auto Industry.

Hopefully, this will provide an added incentive to the Entrepreneurs who are working hard to build something more significant than just a pile of cash.

Curiosity is the most valuable human asset.

I still keep more than my share, and it shows no sign of fading. Thanks to my incurable curiosity, have learned a great deal from some of the most amazing people, who share the most surprisingly empowering lessons for free! Their Contributions can make an immediate difference in your business and your life.

Why am I sharing this?

As a Communication Strategist, with a long and rewarding career in the USA, Brazil, and Germany, I’m driven by an insatiable thirst for Knowledge and Information. Out of passion and necessity, in equal measure.

I believe in exchanging information worth sharing.
I’m sharing information with you about Squirrly in appreciation of the big Difference they have made for my Company,
The Synergy MediaIn less than a week, Squirrly has completely transformed our website for the better.

The trove of information contributed by the extraordinary Experts on the good side of the Internet amounts to a Treasure of incalculable value. It has the power of a New Force of Nature.


user experience in digital marketing.

Sharing information about innovative technology and amazing people is the main purpose of The Synergy Media.

The Entrepreneurs, Florin Muresan, the CEO of Squirrly is one of these people. In April 2020, he declared: “I once had a dream of giving every business owner and freelancer their own private always-on, always-there SEO Consultant.

I have accomplished that dream. It’s created and it’s ready for you. Private SEO Consultant. In a Plugin. Powered by Machine Learning and Cloud Services.”

Florin Muresan and his incredible Team have given the world a once-in-a-lifetime Technology that will be remembered by Generations.

While testimonials show the dimension of the beneficial impact of Squirrly Software, other inherent values might be a bit less obvious: Transcending the scope of measurable results and the limits of Marketing Strategy, Florin Muresan and his Teams naturally contribute to simplifying the process of teaching and learning Marketing and SEO, while elevating the Marketing profession to its well-deserved position in the world.

Information Is The Most Valuable Asset Of Our Time.

  • For a critical surgery, or hiring an SEO expert consultant.
  • In either case, a careful choice is absolutely vital.
  • If you wish to preserve your sanity and keep your health.
  • And avoid breaking the bank.
  • Not necessarily in that order.

          When the validated exchange is critical, Synergy is essential.

At war with COVID-19? Get the arsenal. To preserve life, job, and future.

At war with COVID-19?  Get the arsenal. To preserve life, job, and future.

To curb the spread of the virus, many global leaders declare we are “at war” with coronavirus. Referring to the pandemic in military terms is their way of communicating the gravity of this brutal public-health crisis.


The world is facing an unprecedented health crisis in terms of magnitude, gravity and speed of propagation. It creates a huge disruption in the global economy, impacting millions of businesses, causing mass unemployment and altering the life of billions of people.


You’re incessantly reminded of the severity and scope of this extremely disorientating situation. While the news has seldom been so unrelenting, so unsettling, one aspect of this crazy and unexpected disruption might be a bit less obvious:


The Power Of COVID-19 To Accelerate Human Cooperation On Our Planet

Cooperation is always crucial in a time of global crisis like this. The scale of global Cooperation and Collaboration sparked by Coronavirus has no parallel in history. Heads of State, the Scientific Community, international financial institutions, civil society, the private sector, research and learning Organizations are all mobilizing and exchanging information in the response to the pandemic.


Equally extraordinary is the reach of data exchange initiatives underway. Facilitating access and exchanging data will be critical to speed the resolution of this unrivaled global health crisis and mitigate its repercussions. With more than 100 vaccine projects across the world, we all have a good reason for optimism.


A long-needed conscious awakening hinting at A Revolutionary “New Normal”

During peacetime, many of us tend to become a bit complacent. Now, all of a sudden, you feel your life is threatened by this virus. It can be quite scary. It’s your survival, after all.


Now, consider this:


The whole Scientific World is mobilizing to find a cure for the virus.

A combination of superb Scientists, unmatched Resources and unheard-of Technology.

You’re not being asked to mobilize, as in an actual war, but to stay home.

Sure, the forced quarantine can make you feel like a bird cooped up in a cage.

And it forces you to leave your comfort zone.

You’re also being teleported to a world where you have more time. Plenty of time to evaluate your own life and business from a new perspective. An excellent opportunity to discover the many possibilities that might not be immediately visible.


While you wait for a cure for COVID 19, you can find your own cure for that daily, boring grind – if you feel that way. Instead of just fighting for survival, you can take effective action to weather this storm and start working on a better and stronger post-crisis future. Without spending a dime.


The best time to start working is the day before yesterday. The second best time is now.


Curious to know HOW ?

By learning and applying a wealth of actionable Resources that can change your business by leveraging your own potential. Even before you become a client of any Professional listed here, you can begin to take advantage of a colossal collection of Articles, Books and Podcasts available for download at no cost. Just by accessing these Resources, you immediately distance yourself from your competition.


Why am I sharing this?

As a Communication Strategist, with a long and rewarding career in the USA, Brazil and Germany, I’m driven by an insatiable thirst for Knowledge and Information. Out of passion and necessity, in equal measure.


I believe curiosity is the most valuable human asset. I still keep more than my share. And it shows no sign of fading. Thanks to my incurable curiosity, have learned a great deal from some of the most amazing people, who share the most surprisingly empowering lessons for free! Their Contributions can make an immediate difference in your business and your life.


I’m sharing information with you about these fantastic People, in appreciation of the big Difference they have made for so long, and continue to make, in my life.


Brian Clark, founder of offers the most comprehensive free Training on Content Copywriting. All tested and proved, challenging your appetite to learn and to put it all to practice. One example:Writing Headlines That Get Results

B.J. Bueno, The Cult Branding Company Bueno knows about Branding like few and teaches like none. With each new mind-blowing session, he shatters the previous threshold of inventiveness, with shrewd, razor-sharp unimaginable ideas. He’s pure genius.

Joanna Wiebe, founder of Copyhackers gives many incredibly useful tips on Researching, Conversion Copywriting and Website optimization. You’ll be blown away by Joanna with assignments that are incredibly stimulating, thought-provoking and highly engaging. You can sign up for Tutorial Tuesdays here:

Anna Bolton, Conversion Copy Co. With her video How to write a long-form sales page using survey data. I started to work on two new Copywriting Projects in less than 6 months, thanks to Anna.

From research to writing to retrospectives, Anna is an absolute pro to work with. Her copy is great. And working with her is a dream – especially if hitting deadlines and producing fab work matters to you.” According to Joanna Wiebe, Founder, Copyhackers.


Relevant and actionable information is the most precious asset of our time

The trove of information contributed by the extraordinary Experts on the good side of the Internet amounts to a Treasure of incalculable value.


It has the power of a New Force of Nature.

To fight pandemics and for times of prosperity.


I believe in exchanging information worth sharing. Here, you won’t find bombastic news or promises of magic.


Have decided to share these special Resources because they are the work of some of the top Authorities in each field. Professionals who naturally contribute to simplifying the process of teaching and learning Marketing, and by extension, any other human ability that involves intelligent and conscious participation and deliberate practice. With dedication and commitment that transcends the scope of measurable results and the limits of Marketing and Business Education in general.


Furthermore, they bring substantial benefits to the Community, and to the world, in a far greater and more significant measure, by leading Clients to unexpected levels of growth and fulfillment, while they elevate the Marketing profession to its well-deserved position in the world.


Some years ago, when the best source of international research available in Rio de Janeiro, was the library at the American Consulate. I often went there to collect basic data about suppliers and prospective clients.


During each pre-scheduled session, would spend at least 2 hours, browsing through the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers and other specialized publications to discover the information needed.


Don’t have a website yet but, thanks to what I’ve learned and practiced with all the Resources from these remarkable Professionals, I’ll be busy for the next few months.


I always start each Integrated Communication Project with extensive research. In some cases, my first step is to conduct science-based research in English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.


For example, using the following demographics of languages and population, I begin to identify the most pertinent data:


French: 279.8 million


Portuguese: 234.1 million


German: 132.1 million


Italian: 67.8 million


Total nr. Speakers: 713.8 million


Based on real numbers and information, it’s possible to collect the insight to start developing Conversion-Focused Campaigns for my Client. I write the first targeted articles in English and Portuguese and posts in English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. For publication in their favorite Channels. And they can now present their Solution to a wider Audience in at least 3 Continents with Calls to action in 5 languages to the website in English. That’s how I can help to leverage the Global impact of the Brand.








There’s Intelligent Life on this Planet ! Now, on a screen near you.

There’s Intelligent Life on this Planet !   Now, on a screen near you.

The Discovery of a New Planet in Our Old World.

How a voyager, venturing on the web, managed to make sense of the noise and clutter that abounds, after surfing for only a few years.

It has been an interminable journey. Full of threats, false alarms and traps of all kinds. 
The stuff that we’re all sick and tired of hearing about.

But at last, after so much time and energy dedicated to a multitude of researches and long hours of sieving through the growing mountain of data, one day, something extraordinary began to happen.

And so, he began the discovery of a new world.  A land inhabited by a different sort of homo sapiens. Brave creatures of uncommon courage and drive.  

A mixed bunch of lunatics and incurable workaholics. With only one thing in common: They could never accept the status quo.
And have all been fighting hard to change the game. And they have succeeded at it.

A couple of months ago, flying back to the web, the tireless traveler found himself landing at the gateway to heaven. Or so he imagined, at first.

Actually, he was just entering the Portal to Ideas and Innovations that truly matter.
Also known as TED

This unique non-profit Portal is devoted to spreading ideas, in the form of short and powerful talks.
And many of these encounters offer an amazing wealth of enlightening information, innovations and initiatives. By some truly gifted minds.

Like the precious contributions by Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the Revolution

In a 20-minute long video – or,  perhaps I should say 20-minute short, for I could have watched it for a few hours more – Sir Robinson shows how the current education system limits creativity.

He proposes a shift from standardized schools to personalized learning.

To allow for conditions where kids’ natural talents can flourish.
In other words, the system should stop holding the student back, and try to do teaching, without hindering curiosity.
They should learn that no two students are alike.

As a creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson unveils the fundamental reasons to challenge the way that children are currently being educated.
Another important point that should be recognized by those involved in teaching, is that there are multiple types of intelligence.

This bright scholar is just an example of the many revolutionary minds that populate TED.

And who helps us get in touch with a wealth of content. That ultimately stimulates intelligence.
Making learning more accessible. And life much more interesting.

The Value of Relevant Information. And the importance of having an alternative.

For more than 30 years, have been driving a car almost every day.
A heavy routine imposed by the circumstances of my profession and a busy schedule.

All this time, have always been perplexed by our dependency on conventional cars with internal combustion engines.  
After all, they have been introduced more than 100 years ago.

It should be about time we had an alternative to these obsolete machines, packed with thousands of moving parts, that are a nightmare to maintain. And cost a fortune.

Now, thanks to  Elon Musk, a visionary from another dimension, we have an alternative. At last !
The unbelievable electric car by Tesla.

Intelligence is now shipping as standard equipment in the auto industry.

Tesla is quite an impressive technology achievement. Even by today’s standards.

This car is amazing.

Some say Tesla offers the luxury found in a Rolls-Royce and the speed comparable to a Porsche 911. With a price that is much more affordable.

It’s really incredible how this car performs.
In addition to having fewer parts, the Tesla does not require those frequent visits to the car dealer, that we have all been forced to, for so long.

Most issues are handled by simple software updates.
No more hassles. No need to interrupt your life for the maintenance of the car.

This car is sending a silent message to the world:

Stop being taken for a ride. Take your future in your hands. Now.

You might say that for someone who is not especially hooked on cars, I’ve gone far into the subject here.

Yes, I’m impressed.
By the car that seems to have been conceived in another Galaxy.

But the point is not just the car.
It’s the Revolution that Tesla represents.

Intelligence helping us form conscious choices, and keep our voices heard

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors is much more than a gifted Entrepreneur. He is a true Revolutionary.
A family man, who before completing 40 years, had already given an unprecedented number of contributions to make life easier for us all.

The Mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity.


The CEO of Tesla decided to introduce a groundbreaking concept in the auto industry, a field where the opponents have unlimited capital and too many vested interests to protect.
It sure takes a lot of courage for someone to embrace such a hard mission.

The might of these groups notwithstanding, we have the ultimate power.

The power of relevant information to raise a long-needed Consciousness

We can refuse the suppliers that are out there just to make a ton of money. With no regard for anything else.
As a matter of fact, even these suppliers are beginning to realize that we’ll no longer accept the terms that they try to force down our throats.

The Global economic unpredictability aggravated by the current crisis has forced buyers and enterprises to realize, once and for all, the need to see results and maximize their ROI in every purchase. 
All this contributes to making buyers acutely aware of the risks of making bad decisions. 

We have the Power To Say No !

We must never underestimate the Value of Our Combined Participation.

Jose Amaral