At war with COVID-19? Get the arsenal. To preserve life, job, and future.

To curb the spread of the virus, many global leaders declare we are “at war” with coronavirus. Referring to the pandemic in military terms is their way of communicating the gravity of this brutal public-health crisis.


The world is facing an unprecedented health crisis in terms of magnitude, gravity and speed of propagation. It creates a huge disruption in the global economy, impacting millions of businesses, causing mass unemployment and altering the life of billions of people.


You’re incessantly reminded of the severity and scope of this extremely disorientating situation. While the news has seldom been so unrelenting, so unsettling, one aspect of this crazy and unexpected disruption might be a bit less obvious:


The Power Of COVID-19 To Accelerate Human Cooperation On Our Planet

Cooperation is always crucial in a time of global crisis like this. The scale of global Cooperation and Collaboration sparked by Coronavirus has no parallel in history. Heads of State, the Scientific Community, international financial institutions, civil society, the private sector, research and learning Organizations are all mobilizing and exchanging information in the response to the pandemic.


Equally extraordinary is the reach of data exchange initiatives underway. Facilitating access and exchanging data will be critical to speed the resolution of this unrivaled global health crisis and mitigate its repercussions. With more than 100 vaccine projects across the world, we all have a good reason for optimism.


A long-needed conscious awakening hinting at A Revolutionary “New Normal”

During peacetime, many of us tend to become a bit complacent. Now, all of a sudden, you feel your life is threatened by this virus. It can be quite scary. It’s your survival, after all.


Now, consider this:


The whole Scientific World is mobilizing to find a cure for the virus.

A combination of superb Scientists, unmatched Resources and unheard-of Technology.

You’re not being asked to mobilize, as in an actual war, but to stay home.

Sure, the forced quarantine can make you feel like a bird cooped up in a cage.

And it forces you to leave your comfort zone.

You’re also being teleported to a world where you have more time. Plenty of time to evaluate your own life and business from a new perspective. An excellent opportunity to discover the many possibilities that might not be immediately visible.


While you wait for a cure for COVID 19, you can find your own cure for that daily, boring grind – if you feel that way. Instead of just fighting for survival, you can take effective action to weather this storm and start working on a better and stronger post-crisis future. Without spending a dime.


The best time to start working is the day before yesterday. The second best time is now.


Curious to know HOW ?

By learning and applying a wealth of actionable Resources that can change your business by leveraging your own potential. Even before you become a client of any Professional listed here, you can begin to take advantage of a colossal collection of Articles, Books and Podcasts available for download at no cost. Just by accessing these Resources, you immediately distance yourself from your competition.


Why am I sharing this?

As a Communication Strategist, with a long and rewarding career in the USA, Brazil and Germany, I’m driven by an insatiable thirst for Knowledge and Information. Out of passion and necessity, in equal measure.


I believe curiosity is the most valuable human asset. I still keep more than my share. And it shows no sign of fading. Thanks to my incurable curiosity, have learned a great deal from some of the most amazing people, who share the most surprisingly empowering lessons for free! Their Contributions can make an immediate difference in your business and your life.


I’m sharing information with you about these fantastic People, in appreciation of the big Difference they have made for so long, and continue to make, in my life.


Brian Clark, founder of offers the most comprehensive free Training on Content Copywriting. All tested and proved, challenging your appetite to learn and to put it all to practice. One example:Writing Headlines That Get Results

B.J. Bueno, The Cult Branding Company Bueno knows about Branding like few and teaches like none. With each new mind-blowing session, he shatters the previous threshold of inventiveness, with shrewd, razor-sharp unimaginable ideas. He’s pure genius.

Joanna Wiebe, founder of Copyhackers gives many incredibly useful tips on Researching, Conversion Copywriting and Website optimization. You’ll be blown away by Joanna with assignments that are incredibly stimulating, thought-provoking and highly engaging. You can sign up for Tutorial Tuesdays here:

Anna Bolton, Conversion Copy Co. With her video How to write a long-form sales page using survey data. I started to work on two new Copywriting Projects in less than 6 months, thanks to Anna.

From research to writing to retrospectives, Anna is an absolute pro to work with. Her copy is great. And working with her is a dream – especially if hitting deadlines and producing fab work matters to you.” According to Joanna Wiebe, Founder, Copyhackers.


Relevant and actionable information is the most precious asset of our time

The trove of information contributed by the extraordinary Experts on the good side of the Internet amounts to a Treasure of incalculable value.


It has the power of a New Force of Nature.

To fight pandemics and for times of prosperity.


I believe in exchanging information worth sharing. Here, you won’t find bombastic news or promises of magic.


Have decided to share these special Resources because they are the work of some of the top Authorities in each field. Professionals who naturally contribute to simplifying the process of teaching and learning Marketing, and by extension, any other human ability that involves intelligent and conscious participation and deliberate practice. With dedication and commitment that transcends the scope of measurable results and the limits of Marketing and Business Education in general.


Furthermore, they bring substantial benefits to the Community, and to the world, in a far greater and more significant measure, by leading Clients to unexpected levels of growth and fulfillment, while they elevate the Marketing profession to its well-deserved position in the world.


Some years ago, when the best source of international research available in Rio de Janeiro, was the library at the American Consulate. I often went there to collect basic data about suppliers and prospective clients.


During each pre-scheduled session, would spend at least 2 hours, browsing through the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers and other specialized publications to discover the information needed.


Don’t have a website yet but, thanks to what I’ve learned and practiced with all the Resources from these remarkable Professionals, I’ll be busy for the next few months.


I always start each Integrated Communication Project with extensive research. In some cases, my first step is to conduct science-based research in English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.


For example, using the following demographics of languages and population, I begin to identify the most pertinent data:


French: 279.8 million


Portuguese: 234.1 million


German: 132.1 million


Italian: 67.8 million


Total nr. Speakers: 713.8 million


Based on real numbers and information, it’s possible to collect the insight to start developing Conversion-Focused Campaigns for my Client. I write the first targeted articles in English and Portuguese and posts in English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. For publication in their favorite Channels. And they can now present their Solution to a wider Audience in at least 3 Continents with Calls to action in 5 languages to the website in English. That’s how I can help to leverage the Global impact of the Brand.